Drone The Day Away With The Sunn O))) Discography

Sunn O)))

I’ve always been a fan of working to instrumental music or music with spotty or otherwise absent vocals.  I’m an even bigger fan of stuff that you can literally tune out, like background noise to break up the silence, but not distract you from the task at hand. That’s why it should be no surprise that Sunn O))) is usually playing over my speakers when I’m writing.

A few years ago I thought that I could make the term “Noise Lit” a thing (I even talked to John Wray about it), because I do believe that the doom rock Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson have been making for over a decade now is some of the finest writing music out there. Black seas of feedback really open up your mind and let you concentrate better, and now with the duo’s entire discography streaming up on Bandcamp, you can spend the entire day getting caught up in the sonic beauty that is Sunn O))).

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