Morning Bites: The Replacements, Zadie Smith On Women Writers Having Kids, John Jeremiah Sullivan On James Agee, And More

The Replacements

The Replacements are reuniting! The Replacements are reuniting! And boy do they know how to finish a song.

“I have two children. Dickens had 10 – I think Tolstoy did, too. Did anyone for one moment worry that those men were becoming too fatherish to be writeresque?”- Zadie Smith proves you wrong if you think women writers shouldn’t have more than one kid.

“The more nonfiction you read, and from further back in time, the harder it gets to pronounce the word “new” in New Journalism with a straight face.” – Preach, John Jeremiah Sullivan, preach.

Alina Simone talks about her new novel, Note to Self.

Some guy’s dad tries to name all the Game of Thrones characters.

Eric Ducker and Maria Sherman’s oral history of Lookout! Records is pretty necessary reading.

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