Morning Bites: Orwell’s Birthday, Richard Matheson, Liz Phair Oral History, Bob Bolaño, And More


George Orwell was born on this 1903. He’d be having a pretty great birthday thanks to the recent spike in sales of his book, 1984

Richard Matheson has passed away. The L.A. Times looks at his “legacy of smart sci-fi.”

“All in all Hard Art is a pretty incredible, if narrowly focused, peek at a scene that helped launch 1,000 bands and DIY labels that existed for their love of the energy and the music, not as any means to an end.”- Mother Jones talks about Hard Art.

Who was the real Bob Bolaño?

Jessica Hopper’s oral history on Liz Phair’s Exile In Guyville is one of those things you can’t miss out on reading.

Shane Dixon Kavanaugh on the beautiful and doomed power pop of the Exploding Hearts.

Hyperallergic lists America’s 11 newest endangered historical places.

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