Vol. 1 Brooklyn Presents: The Greatest 3-Minute Internet Stories

the net

We’re sure you wonder if all the hours spent in weird chat rooms, falling down the Wikipedia wormhole, keeping secret Tumblrs, going on dates with people you met online, staring at your Twitter feed, and every other precious second wasted doing whatever it is you do on the internet had to amount to something. On July 31st, we have the answer for you: The Greatest 3-Minute Internet Stories.

The latest in Vol. 1 Brooklyn’s acclaimed story series, we will invite ten readers to tell stories in 180 seconds or less about the amazing and terrible place that is the world wide web.

Here are the readers so far:

Maris Kreizman

Tyler Coates

Matt LeMay

Karolina Waclawiak

Alina Simone

Jessica Suarez

Elissa Bassist

Rahawa Haile

…and more TBA

July 31st, Housing Works Bookstore Cafe (126 Crosby Street, NYC); 7 PM.

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