We Eagerly Await the Silvina Ocampo Revival


Last year, in preparation for a review of the short novel Where There’s Love, There’s Hate, I ended up delving into the work of the Argentinian writer Silvina Ocampo. (Where There’s Love… was a collaboration with her husband, Adolfo Bioy Casares.) Her work falls into the same elusive camp as the likes of Italo Calvino and Jorge Luis Borges, both of whom were admirers of her work: dream logic, surreal images, and mythology all play a role in her fiction.

I’m very excited to hear that NYRB Classics will be releasing a collection of Ocampo’s fiction early next year, titled Thus Were Their Faces. Even more exciting is the fact that the book will be introduced by a writer who knows a thing or two about incorporating myths and surrealism into fiction: Helen Oyeyemi. It’s hard to argue with a pairing like that.

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