Geezer Punk: A Guide to the Scene


The first thing to know about Geezer Punks: they don’t market. At least not well. At least not yet. So for the uninitiated and curious Vol. 1 Brooklyn has complied the following stopgap guide:

Sweetfart – the Big Swinging Dicks of the North Bronx scene, this old school punk band plays with a precision and ferocity the belies their combined 300 years of age. Front man Trip Riley means business, so mind your manners if you’re not keen on getting your knuckles rapped. Performs most Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at Iggy’s, 906 W 238th Street

Grand Mal Seizure – Almost anything goes with this quasi-thrash core cum pop quintet. 68 year-old bassist Petra Gordon is actually a former competitive gymnast, and has been known to execute standing back flips mid-song without missing a note. Performs regularly at American Legion Hall Post 1066, 33 N. 231st Street

Nothing2 – The babies of the North Bronx Scene, lead singer Vaughn Tuna is a mere 58 years young. Nonetheless, musically speaking no one has anything on this melodious and sonically prodigious group, evocative of what the great asskicking indie band Built to Spill will sound like in another dozen years. Play most Saturday nights at no name bar, 462 E. 237th Street (Note: this is literally a bar without a name)

The Big Almost – Black humor, spiraling guitars and vicious pop hooks are the stock-in-trade for this wildly entertaining North Bronx quartet. Inventive too, as 77 year-old lead singer Tony Dublino has been known to incorporate reverb from his cardiac pacemaker into the band’s wall of sound. Play most Thursday and Fridays at Kiernan’s Place, 6211 Broadway


Kevin Mandel is a writer living in Brooklyn, NY. He writes fiction and plays and is currently working on a novel. He can be reached at KPMandel at gmail dot com.

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