Announcing Luke B. Goebel at Greenlight Bookstore

Luke B Goebel

Vol.1 Brooklyn and the Franklin Park Reading Series are proud to present the Brooklyn launch party for Luke B. Goebel‘s debut novel, Fourteen Stories, None of Them Are Yours. Gobel will read from his work, and then will be interviewed by Vol.1 Brooklyn managing editor Tobias Carroll.

Blake Butler had this to say about Goebel’s book: “About twenty pages into Luke B. Goebel’s Fourteen Stories: None of Them Are Yours, I realized I was reading with one hand holding my forehead and one balled at my waist, kind of clenched and gazing down into the paper, like a man soon to be converged upon. Goebel’s testimony comes on like that: engrossing, fanatical, full of private grief, and yet, at the same time, charismatic, tender, and intrepid, aglow with more spirit than most Americans have the right to wield.”

The event will take place at Greenlight Bookstore, at 686 Fulton Street in Brooklyn, on Monday, September 22 at 7:30 p.m.

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