Chicago Indie Bookstores and Notable Incentives


Sometimes, literary happenings bring together a fantastic abundance of things we like. Take this year’s Independent Bookstore Day, for example. (That’s happening on May 2, for the record.) An expansion of a California-wide event, this will now involve a host of indie bookstores across the nation. And if you’ll be in Chicago on May 2, it might be a wise choice to pay a visit to one or more of the 12 stores taking part in that city. Why, you may ask?

Select customers who purchase $25 or more at one store are given a passbook and one page of an exclusive story by Stuart Dybek, illustrated by Dmitry Samarov.

Given that we’re fond of Dybek’s writing and pretty much everything Samarov does, this seems like a pretty excellent reason to support a laudable cause.

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