Ronald Wimberly on the Art and Influences Behind “GratNin”


There’s a longstanding tradition of experimenting with form in the world of printed comics. Chris Wae’s Building Stories might be the most high-profile example of this, but it’s far from the only one. Now, a new Kickstarter campaign is working to make a groundbreaking print edition of Ronald Wimberly‘s webcomic GratNin a reality. This edition makes use of accordion-folded pages to showcase the full breadth of the storytelling on display.

GratNin is set in a world where, after the fallout of the shimabara rebellion, Ninja follow the Dutch to NY for revenge,” Wimberly explained. “I was looking to mythologize NY and I had set up a ninja/pyrate paradigm, imagining pyrates as a sort of stand in for radical black politic and ninja as a sort of captured elite. I also was looking to, in subtle ways, address the material, cultural impact of the US’s fraught relationship with Japan.”

Read on for an excerpt from GratNin:


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