Pulp Thrills and Haunted Creatures From James Aquilone’s Monstrous Books

"Omega's Eleven" and Monstrous #2

We’re pleased to present some news today from Bram Stoker Award-winning writer James Aquilone, who’s currently running a Kickstarter campaign for a new series, titled The Omega Eleven, as well as the second issue of the horror magazine Monstrous. Aquilone shared some exclusive artwork and character images from these two projects.


This includes a new page from issue #2 of Monstrous — specifically, from the story “Rise of the Morlocks.”

A new page from issue #2 of Monstrous

Monstrous Books also announced a new character from the series The Omega Eleven.

Phantom Lupin

Here’s what Aquilone had to say about the design:

“Phantom Lupin, who appears in Issue 2, is a mashup of gentleman thief Arsène Lupin and the Phantom of the Opera. Why is he a mashup? You’ll have to read The Omega Eleven. Art by Zac Atkinson. This image will also be added to the Omega Eleven trading card set that’s part of our Kickstarter campaign.”

Phantom Lupin

Aqulilone also had an update on the project’s crowdfunding campaign:

“We passed the second stretch goal — we’re giving away the Rip Van’s coaster to all physical backers and a new Doctor Omega short story will go to all backers.

For our $10K stretch goal, we’re going to give away a bundle of digital comics to all backers. We’re working on getting books. So far we have Josh’s Unioverse comics and Rylend Grant’s Peacekeepers #1.

We’ve also decided to expand The Omega Eleven to 30 pages of story art and at least 32 pages overall. The extra pages will include Phantom Lupin, so he’ll be in the first issue now.”

For more details on these projects, you can check out Monstrous Books’ Kickstarter campaign now.

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