Going Forth With All the Shit We Carry: A Conversation with Sara Lippmann

Sara Lippmann

Last summer I met a Brooklyn-based writer from my hometown who told me about her friend Sara Lippmann and showed me the amazing cover of Sara’s (then-forthcoming) latest story collection, Jerks. After hearing it was brilliant, I eagerly sought out the collection, which was published by Mason Jar Press in March. And it lived up to the hype — the stories are funny and razor sharp. Lippmann’s prose is electric and she maintains a generosity to both her characters and her readers. 

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Currents, an Interview Series with Brian Alan Ellis (Episode 92: Paula Bomer)

Paula Bomer

PAULA BOMER is the author of the novels Tante Eva (Soho Press, 2021) and Nine Months (Soho Press, 2012), the story collections Inside Madeleine (Soho Press, 2014) and Baby and Other Stories (Word Riot, 2010), and the essay collection, Mystery and Mortality (Publishing Genius, 2017). She grew up in South Bend, Indiana, and has lived for over 30 years in Brooklyn. Her work has appeared in Bomb, Full Stop, The Cut, Los Angeles Review of Books, TalkSpace, and elsewhere.

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“All Art is Borne of Desperation”: An Interview With Elisa Albert

Elisa Albert

Human Blues, the complex fourth novel from Elisa Albert, tells the story of an indie rocker through nine menstrual cycles, as she tries to get pregnant. By her side, keeping her warm and spiritually alive through the labyrinth of doctors and unsolicited advice, is none other than the spirit of Amy Winehouse. This plot and structure alone made it a radical read. But Albert goes deeper. In the singular voice of Aviva Rosner, one worthy of Mickey Sabbath, Albert takes on the foundations of our society: the mythologies of motherhood, the industrial fertility complex, medical hubris, and the barren spiritual landscape. In a voice and style all her own: at once kind, wise, scathing but always funny, Albert has created a story that will challenge all you hold dear. In this wide-ranging interview, we discuss everything from IVF, the Dobbs ruling, Taharat HaMishpacha, and trying out for Rent, among other juicy topics.

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Currents, an Interview Series with Brian Alan Ellis (Episode 91: Grant Wamack)

Grant Wamack

GRANT WAMACK is the author of Black Gypsies (Broken River, 2022), God’s Leftovers (Bizarro Pulp Press, 2022), and A Lightbulb’s Lament (Bizarro Pulp Press, 2016). He has more than 40 short stories published in places such as Dark Moon Digest, The Best of Surreal Grotesque, and The New Flesh. When he’s not writing, he’s reading tarot cards, practicing Jiu-Jitsu, and smoking weed in LA.

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Currents, an Interview Series with Brian Alan Ellis (Episode 89: Thomas Kendall)

Thomas Kendall

THOMAS KENDALL is the author of The Autodidacts (Whiskey Tit Press, 2022), which Dennis Cooper called “a brilliant novel—inviting like a secret passage, infallible in its somehow orderly but whirligig construction, spine-tingling to unpack, and as haunted as any fiction in recent memory.” His work has appeared in the anthologies Abyss (Orchards Lantern) and Userlands (Akashic Books), and online at Entropy.

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A Weird Hall of Mirrors: A Conversation with Coco Picard

Coco Picard

I first met Coco Picard over Zoom in the summer of 2020 as we outlined her novel, The Healing Circle, via LucidChart: typing plot summaries of each vignette into a shared screen, color-coding the squares full of text, wrestling the book’s nonlinear structure onto a timeline. We were in the same small group at BookEnds, a year-long novel revision program at Stony Brook University, and yes, outlining someone’s novel as your introduction to each other is just as vulnerable and nerve-wracking and intimate as it sounds. I’ve loved Coco’s work ever since.

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