Presenting Joseph Di Prisco’s Introduction for “Simpsonistas: Tales from the Simpson Literary Project (Vol. 2)”

Simpson cover

We’re pleased to publish Joseph Di Prisco’s introduction to the new anthology Simpsonistas: Tales from the Simpson Literary Project (Vol. 2). Di Prisco edited the volume; he’s also the Founding Chair of The Simpson Literary Project. The Simpson Literary Project has two objectives: “lasting educational outreach into schools, universities, and libraries, as well as celebrating and supporting authors across a great spectrum: from fledging young writers to mid-career writers of distinction to internationally celebrated authors.” In this essay, Di Prisco explores the recent state of literature and the work this nonprofit is doing. 

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Chocolate : The Heat of Our Thoughts — An Excerpt From Lance Olsen’s “My Red Heaven”

"My Red Heaven" cover

Lance Olsen’s new novel My Red Heaven follows a host of characters in Berlin over the course of one day in 1927. At times, Olsen’s prose tells of artistic breakthroughs; at others, such as the excerpt featured here, he gradually takes the reader into a more nightmarish space. In the midst of Modernism’s rise, Olsen pays homage to Modernist writing, even as he pushes onwards into haunting historical vistas. My Red Heaven will be released by Dzanc Books on January 21st.

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Get Retro in the “Motherless Brooklyn” Trailer

Poster for the film adaptation of "Motherless Brooklyn"

The film adaptation of Jonathan Lethem’s 1999 novel Motherless Brooklyn has been in the works for a while. In a 2010 interview, Edward Norton said, “I think I would definitely like to act in it but the directing thing I think we’ll have to wait and see.” Things have changed since then: for the finished film, Norton served as writer, director, and star. Much like the character he once voiced on The Simpsons, Norton is indeed a triple threat.

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This Fall Brings a Poetry Collection From Sadie Dupuis

We are tremendous admirers of Sadie Dupuis’s music, both in Speedy Ortiz and Sad13. But that’s far from her only creative endeavor: in an interview with The Creative Independent, she discussed the event that sparked her interest in poetry. “I took a short course on letters with William Corbett,” she explained. “He’d edited James Schuyler’s letters, and I guess it was because of studying with him that I decided to take poetry classes. I got really interested and wound up […]

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On the Convergence of Songs, Images, and “The Orchid Thief”

When Kevin Larimer, the editor of Poets and Writers Magazine, emailed and asked if I’d be up to take part in another “inspiration experiment” I instantly knew just who I wanted to invite. The first time we had tried this, two years prior, we worked with author Joyce Carol Oates. Oates kindly agreed to read her poem Too Young to Marry, But Not Too Young to Die, and then listen as a number of artists read and performed pieces written […]

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