Vol.1 Brooklyn’s April 2021 Book Preview

April 2021 books

What does April have in store for avid readers? Mind-expanding fiction, incisive nonfiction, and emotionally affecting poetry — and that’s just the beginning. What is perhaps most notable about this month’s intriguing books is how wide a range they cover, from traditional to experimental. Regardless of where your own tastes fall, there’s likely something due out this month that will get your attention. Here’s a look at some of the April  books that have piqued ours.

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Vol.1 Brooklyn’s May 2017 Book Preview

And here we are, on the first of May in the year 2017. What books does May bring with it? Well, let’s see. There are incisive essay collections by the likes of Scaachi Koul and Samantha Irby; there are challenging works in translation by João Gilberto Noll and Rodrigo Fresán, and there’s a new edition of a genre-defying novel by Kirsten Bakis, for starters. Here’s a look at some of the May books that have piqued our interest.

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