Books of the Month: July 2023 Edition

July 2023 Book recommendations

And now it’s July. Most of the time, when we assemble these lists, there are one or two themes that stand out across the books selected. This time out, it’s a little more of a grab bag: a little experimental fiction here, a little translated comics there. Still, we’re very enthusiastic about what the month has in store, including new books from some longtime favorites — and a few Sunday Stories alumni.

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Vol.1 Brooklyn’s August 2015 Books Preview

Looking at the books due out this month, one can find an impressive array of styles, genres, and aesthetics on display. Do you like incisive essays about American society and culture? How about well-received debut fiction, or collections spanning decades of work? Regardless of what you’re seeking, August holds an abundance of literary riches. Here are some of the books due out this month that we’re most excited about.

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