Sunday Stories: “TV Idiots”

"TV Idiots"

TV Idiots
by Lucie Britsch

My phone buzzed and I ignored it. It buzzed again. My boss was calling me. I answered it.

I bought a zoo, he shouted. He was outside somewhere, on his way to the office, or in a mental ward.

What? I said. I was just getting to work, my eyes barely open.

I bought a zoo, he shouted again. Well, it was a zoo, it’s empty now.

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Vol.1 Brooklyn’s June 2020 Book Preview

June 2020 books

So it’s June. We’ll be honest — this was unexpectedly delayed from earlier in the month and then delayed again. It’s an unsettling time out there, for so many reasons. Here are some books due out this month. We’re excited about them. Maybe you will be, too. Maybe you’ll find something in one of them to better understand the world; maybe you’ll find something in one of them to give you a moment of levity during a trying time.

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Sunday Stories: “Night Sharks”

Night Sharks
by Lucie Britsch

She warned me on our first night together that there might be sharks. Not just regular ones but night ones, swimming around the bed. If I wanted to call it off, she understood.

I said we could go back to mine but she said it didn’t matter, the sharks would still come.

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