Double-Entendres, Secret Histories, and Marilyn Monroe: Helene Stapinski on “The American Way”

Helene Stapinski

On a rainy morning in New York’s Greenwich Village I meet up with journalist and memoirist Helene Stapinski to talk about her new book, The American Way. We’re sitting at a small window table in Caffé Reggio and together we imagine how its old-world atmosphere would have reminded Jules Schulback – her story’s hero – of the coffee houses he frequented as a young man in his native Berlin, the city he loved and didn’t want to leave. Stapinski muses that it’s quite possible Schulback had been to Caffé Reggio after having fled the Nazis to settle in New York City. Stapinski is her usual voluble self, eager to expound on her protagonist’s inspiring life, while recalling anecdotes about her research and collaboration with his grand-daughter, graphic artist Bonnie Siegler, with whom she wrote the book. 

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Why Arthur Miller Was Amazing

Arthur Miller was born on this day in 1915.  While he was one of the greatest American playwrights to ever live, he also pulled off something kind of incredible by getting Marilyn Monroe, possibly one of the most beautiful people to ever walk the earth, to not only marry him, but she also converted to Judaism to do it. We’d like to extend one big thank you to Arthur Miller. You have given generations of smart people hope. Follow Vol. 1 Brooklyn […]

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