Nobel morning: A chronological breakdown of the days first few minutes

7:00 AMish Lev Grossman (via his Twitter) starts it off like this:

7:31 AM The news comes that Herta Mueller wins!  Yippee!

7:35 AM I think back to this HTMLGiant post about a group of oddsmakers, and their picks for the prize.  I scan for Mueller’s name, and find nothing. I think to myself “somewhere, somebody just hit the jackpot if they bet on her.”

7:37 AM My friend comes on Gchat to complain how the Nobel people are “antisemitic” because “they keep denying Philip Roth”.  More Jewish people I know will surely kvetch about this.  Also the fact that an Israeli was the odds-on favorite to win won’t help.

7:38 AM Joyce Carrol Oates stops caring that she didn’t get it, and gets to work on a new novel.

7:45 AM I also stop caring.  Start on bytes.