I’d rather read about the time Phil Jackson dropped acid

Posted by Jason Diamond

“Phil Jackson has sold a memoir, ELEVEN YEARS, of his time coaching the Lakers and the Bulls to various championships, to Penguin Press.” – Sarah Weinman, via Twitter.

I’d really like to be excited about this, but I’m guessing the best dirt you’re going to get from another Phil Jackson memoir includes stories of Michael Jordan being an asshole, Kobe Bryant being an asshole, Shaq being a goof, admission that Jackson had no idea what the hell Toni Kukoč was saying the entire time he coached him, and maybe talk about how Jackson started dating the boss’s daughter.

Maybe I’d be more excited if Penguin decided to attain the rights to Jackson’s 1975 Playboy Press published memoir, Maverick, and reissue that along with Eleven Years.  At least in his first book we got to read about Jackson’s drug use and interesting early 70s facial hair.  But chances are good that you’ll never see a copy of it unless you’ve got $50-$430 to buy it on Amazon.

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