Afternoon Bites: Anne Carson’s Latest, Literary Hardy Boys, Jerry Stahl Interviewed, and More

“…fragments are, thematically and formally, the atomic unit of Carson’s work. They are also emotionally paradoxical entities—evidence of the inevitable breaking up of things, yet also evidence of those things, proof that once there was a story here.” Kathryn Schulz on Anne Carson’s Red Doc >.

Maris Kreizman is profiled in Brooklyn Magazine.

Follow the Blood, Sundog Lit’s anthology of work inspired by the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, features work from folks like xTx, Lindsay Hunter, Gabriel Blackwell, Amber Sparks, and Matthew Salesses.

At the Los Angeles Review of Books, Sunday Stories alumnus Menachem Kaiser looks at the history of the “shiksa.”

A quartet of Chicago artists take Manhattan.

Jerry Stahl on his work as editor of The Heroin Chronicles.

Looking at a history of art & fashion collaborations

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