This is not a Luc Sante Reader



This is not a Luc Sante reader, but I really wish that it was. Sante deserves a reader of his own, and will probably one day get one in some big fancy Library of America type volume that really should be on every bookshelf, but will ultimately end up being consumed mainly by the type of people that Sante writes about and the type of person that Sante is: outsiders and curious minds.

I’m not quite sure where I’d start if somebody taked me with compiling a collection of Sante’s greatest hits, but his post remembering his early days at the New York Review of Books would maybe be a good spot if only because it might be the first (and only time) that the punk/diy space ABC No Rio has been mentioned in something published by the venerable magazine.

If not there, I might pick his review of Lynd Ward’s work from Harper’s a few years back. His essay on the New York apartment he lived in for the longest is pretty good, as is this interview he did with The Believer. Anything he’s done for Yeti is good, and his book Low Life is something you should read. In fact, I’d just go ahead and say that you should do some research and find anything you can by or about Sante, and read it.

 But start with that NYRB thing. That kinda blew my mind.

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