Currents, an Interview Series with Brian Alan Ellis (Episode 18: Benjamin Drevlow)

Ben Drevlow

BENJAMIN DREVLOW is the author of Bend with the Knees and Other Love Advice from My Father (New Rivers Press, 2008), which won the 2006 Many Voices Project, and Ina-Baby: A Love Story in Reverse (Cowboy Jamboree, 2019). He serves as the Managing Editor of BULL Magazine, and is a lecturer at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia.

My current favorite book is: Matthew McConaughey by Matthew McConaughey (or whatever that book he just wrote is called, but it’s only my favorite when read by Matthew McConaughey while I’m out walking my trash dogs at five in the morning).

My current favorite film is: Dallas Buyers Club, obviously.

My current favorite television show is: that one where the pretty people have to go to the sexy island but can’t have sex with each other.

My current favorite musician is: me playing really terrible John Prine covers out on the balcony in the rain while my three dogs bark at the cat next door.

My current state of mind is: uffdah.

My current chemical romance involves: Philly Cheesesteak pizza from Patterson’s with queso fresco for pizza sauce.

My current favorite quote is: “Uh-uh… ain’t nobody leavin’ me here stranded,” as said by the sweet old southern lady at the mechanic when they told her they needed the car overnight.

My current mode of transportation is: Saucony Extra-Wide Walking Shoes with extra cushioning for fat-guy plodders like me.

My current favorite fast food item is: Patterson’s Philly Cheesesteak pizza, but with no onions, extra queso fresco.

My current workout routine consists of: walking my three trash dogs around my po-dunk-ass town for three hours while listening to Matthew McConaughey talk about watching his parents have sex in the kitchen after trying to kill each other with kitchenware.

My current regrettable decision involves: getting off the couch this morning (or any morning, really).

My current hopes and dreams are: somewhere between making it to sixty with my sanity and making it to sixty without needing a Rascal to haul my fat ass around Walmart.

My current hobbies/projects include: writing a terrible novel from the point of view of a terrible writer who is writing a terrible novel that no one will ever read or publish. I got the idea from this Family Guy episode where Peter writes erotic fiction and it’s narrated by Rose from The Golden Girls, except my book’s not erotic and mostly it’s about suicide and a janitor who sucks at suicide almost as much as he sucks at writing a novel that might give him a reason to go on living. It’s highly autobiographical. 


Benjamin Drevlow is online at

Brian Alan Ellis runs House of Vlad Press, and is the author of several books, including Sad Laughter (Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2018). His writing has appeared at Juked, Hobart, Fanzine, Monkeybicycle, Electric Literature, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Funhouse, Heavy Feather Review, and Yes Poetry, among other places. He lives in Florida.

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