Currents, an Interview Series with Brian Alan Ellis (Episode 26: Joanna C. Valente)

Joanna C. Valente

JOANNA C. VALENTE is an alien from Saturn’s rings. They have written, illustrated, and edited a few books. Sometimes they take photos and bake ugly desserts. Their latest poetry collection, A Love Story, is forthcoming from Vegetarian Alcoholic Press. 

My current favorite books are: Nadja by Andre Breton and Beloved by Toni Morrison.

My current favorite film director is: Wong Kar-wai—everything he’s ever done, especially 2046. 

My current favorite television shows are: The Toast of London, What We Do in the Shadows, and Westworld. Too many to name. TV is big lately.

My current favorite musician is: definitely Billie Holiday.

My current state of mind is: content and calm.

My current chemical romance involves: sweets! Greek chocolate and all kinds of mochi and red bean ice cream. 

My current favorite word is: “nuance.”

My current mode of transportation is: walking, ferry, subway, or car. 

My current favorite fast food establishment is: Shake Shack. The vanilla custard and cheeseburger is my favorite combination. Also, if I’m feeling particularly indulgent, I eat the fries with the custard.

My current workout routine consists of: lots of walks, occasional jogging and yoga. 

My current regrettable decision involves: …that’s a secret. Everyone’s allowed a few.

My current hopes and dreams are: to have a flower and vegetable garden one day.

My current projects/hobbies include: cooking, baking, drawing, taking photos, making candles, and of course, writing. I’m always working on too many things at once. I’m trying to finish my novel, Baby Girl and Other Ghosts, two poetry collections, and a photo project. 


Joanna C. Valente is online at

Brian Alan Ellis runs House of Vlad Press, and is the author of several books, including Sad Laughter (Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2018). His writing has appeared at Juked, Hobart, Fanzine, Monkeybicycle, Electric Literature, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Funhouse, Heavy Feather Review, and Yes Poetry, among other places. He lives in Florida.

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