Currents, an Interview Series with Brian Alan Ellis (Episode 58: DuVay Knox)

Duvay Knox

DUVAY KNOX is an author of black pulp fiction, black exploitation, black folklore, and black erotica—“gritty shit that makes you wanna laff, cry, scream or make nasty love.” His books include Soul Collector: The Life of Death as Told by That Nigga Death (Creative Onion Press) and The Pussy Detective (forthcoming from Clash Books). He runs Black Pulp Fiction Press.

My current favorite thing to read is: Hard-Boiled Pulp Fiction/Black Pulp Fiction/Urban Noir/Thrillers/Espionage/Splatterpunk & Fierce Feminista licks—so off top this includes some of the new peeps droppin/sloppin werds on the page like: Stephen J. Golds, Manny Torres, Brian Bowyer, Anthony Neil Smith, Gabriel Hart, Shane Jesse Christmas, C.J. Bow, Max Thrax, Charlene Elsby, Tea Hacic-Vlahovic. They R jes KILLING the game. I have only just met all of these peeps on Twitter. Currently reading The Tao of Wu by RZA of Wu-Tang Clan also known as Ghetto Philosophy at its best.

My current favorite thing to watch is: similar to mah reading interests. Butt curently watching GODFATHER of HARLEM, RAISING KANAN, BILLIONS & QUARRY (based off Max Allan Collins books). And I love good episodic spy thrillers like BLACKLIST, HANNA & TREADSTONE. Then there is cutting-edge comedy like BLACK JESUS and BLACK DYNAMITE and of course BOONDOCKS.

My current favorite thing to listen to is: MUMBLE RAP. I Got THERE IS A WHOLE LOTTA MONEY IN THIS MUTHAFUCKA by BIA and the Non-Vaccinated NICKI MINAJ on repeat rite now. Butt at heart Imma Blues, Funk and Old Skool R&B type-a-cat. I fucks to GOSPEL music tho.

My current state of mind is: like a good battery—POSITIVELY CHARGED, baby. As a Rule I stay KOOL and UNBOTHERED, mayne. I leave the Drama for TV and the movies. Not in mah life.

My current chemical romance (drug/bad habit/toxic infatuation) involves: expensive CIGARS. Robusto wit dat kick. Also Black Coffee (mostly mines cuz I happen to brew the best pot o’ coffee in the country).

My current words of wisdom are: Hustle Forwards. Never Backwards.

My current mode of transportation involves: Uber making a kiling off me. Butt I also drive a lot when the distance calls 4 it. If could hitchhike I would–butt dat shit is dangerous nowadays. This aint the 60s no more.

My current favorite fast food item is: …Ion eat a lotta fast foods butt when I do its a grassfed Hamburger wit EVERYTHANG. I try to eat compassionate meat. Thats meat frum Cows who didnt know their ass was bout to be Grass. So they dont have allat adrenaline in their meat. Yum-Yum.

My current workout routine consists of: Old Skool Calesthenics—AND I know how this sounds: LONG WALKS IN THE PARK. I walk 4 miles rain or shine (the Post Man aint got shit on me).

My current regrettable decision involves: marriage as a teenager. Never marry yo first piece-a-pussy.

My current hopes and dreams are: …Ion believe in Hopes-R-Dreams. Hope was the last thang in Pandora’s Box and that shit got ugly. And DREAMS are 4 SLEEPERS. I kinda take life as it cums. Overall Imma an advocate 4 taking chances–and lets just see what it do. I see life as a GAME. Imma alive so 2 mee dat means Im already in it. So all I gotta do is keep showing up and showing out whenever the opportunity presents itself. I dont see mahself in competition wit ANYBODY, ya digg?? Becuz everybody brangs sumpen DIFFERENT 2 the table—and if we kan just appreciate that then we kan all EAT at the SAME god-dam time. Looking at life this way allows mee to be mahself—and NOBODY kan be better at being MEE than MEE.

My current hobbies include: collecting old skool Comicbooks & Pulp Fiction novels especially Black Pulp Fiction books which are hard 2 find. I buy/sell/trade em. I have owned 3 bookstores in mah life and those were always mah favorite joints to sell. Im literally an expert in Black Pulp Fiction/Street novels. 

My current projects include: …I just finished a hardcore Black Pulp Fiction Western inspired by TINA TURNER called BEULAH (thanks SADIE HARTMANN/Stygian Media). And Im currently pruning werds for the Sequels for the PUSSY DETECTIVE (out December frum Clash Books) and SOUL COLLECTOR (available now frum Creative Onion Press). Lastly—I just launched mah own Publishing Company called BLACK PULP FICTION PUBLISHING HOUSE whose primary purpose is to publish strictly 4×7 or 4×6 pocket/purse size books of gritty tales bout life. So that means it doesnt necessarily have to be by Black Writers. Butt just joints bout hard living/loving. Think Donald Goines or Nathan Heard or Iceberg Slim meets Charles Bukowski or Harry Crews. Even throw in some Kathy Acker meets Zora Neale Hurston too. Becuz I luv a woman who kan talk that shit between the pages or the sheets.


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Brian Alan Ellis runs House of Vlad Press, and is the author of several books, including Sad Laughter (Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2018). His writing has appeared at Juked, Hobart, Fanzine, Monkeybicycle, Electric Literature, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Funhouse, Heavy Feather Review, and Yes Poetry, among other places. He lives in Florida.

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