Books of the Month: December 2023

December 2023 books

And now it’s December. What does December bring, in literary terms? An interesting array of books, representing a disparate array of styles and approaches to the craft of writing. Do you like short stories? We’ve got you covered. Do you enjoy poetry? There’s some poetry here, too. Throw some literary translations into the mix and you have a solid month for reading — with what might be your next favorite book as this year draws to a close.

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Vol. 1 Brooklyn’s November 2021 Book Recommendations

November 2021 books

What does this November hold for us, in terms of new books? For whatever reason, this month seems to abound with compelling fiction, from gripping tales of characters in flux to immersive explorations of inner lives. Some of the books we’re most excited about are the latest works from writers we admire; others fall into the category of highly-anticipated debuts. As the weather outside gets colder, here are some suggestions for your autumn reading.

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Inside Christian TeBordo’s Uncanny Fictions

Christian TeBordo

I met Christian TeBordo years ago at the Rainbo Club. He’s a regular. His spot is by the door, facing west. There’s a calm, self-contained quality to the way he carries himself. There’s no smartphone, notebook, or any other accessory on the bartop in front of him; just his pint of beer on the bar and a thoughtful expression on his face. He doesn’t look bored or lonely or sad like so many solitary drinkers do. The visit to the bar is clearly part of a routine. I find out later it’s the mid-point stop on his return from work between the Blue Line and home. For years we waved familiarly but rarely talked. I’m not in the habit of intruding on others’ space without a good reason. I knew TeBordo was a writer of some kind and that he was a professor at Roosevelt University, but not much more than that.

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Sunday Stories: “How We Lived on Main Street”

How We Lived on Main Street
by Christian TeBordo

Of course, none of us actually lived on Main Street. Main Street was for commerce. Main Street was for you. For us, Main Street was an opportunity, the opportunity, mostly, to serve you. And what a delight it now seems, not to have served you — none of us ever found ourselves missing that aspect of it — but the things we were privileged to serve.

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Vol.1 Brooklyn’s May 2015 Books Preview

The fact that this month’s list is larger than usual is but one indication that May looks to be an especially strong month for books. The works we’re most excited about span a variety of styles and genres, from essential writing about books and music to reissues of underrated works of fiction and nonfiction. Whether your tastes run towards the classical or the experimental, there’s a lot to enjoy; that the onset of spring means that you can do so […]

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