Books of the Month: September 2023 Edition

September 2023 book recommendations

We were recently conversing with a writer about their new book for an interview to run on this very site when they noted — very aptly — that time seems to be especially accelerated this year. Or, to phrase it a bit differently: how exactly is it September already? At least one of the people involved with running this site is still pretty sure it’s still 2022. It’s baffling. Anyway, here are some books due out this month. We’re pretty excited to read them.

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Weekend Bites: No Fatalities Reported at Lit Death Match, Favorites of 2010, Crazy Stuff Said at Bookstores and More

At The New York Times: Nobody died at the Literary Death Match, but we love the picture of Clay McLeod Chapman (above) doing his best boogeyman impression. At The Millions: Joanna Smith Rakoff and David Gutowski (Largehearted Boy) talk about stuff they’ve both read in 2010. At The Huffington Post: Another wacky list at HuffPo.  This one is 9 crazy things said in bookstores. At Vice: NY Tyrant interviews Paula Bomer, author of Baby & Other Stories. At Impose: Josh […]

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Excerpt From Richmond Noir: “The Battle of Belle Isle” by Clay McLeod Chapman

To read the rest of “The Battle of Belle Isle,” along with other stories from Richmond Noir, please order a copy at Akashic. They dumped Benny by the river, wearing nothing but a green paper gown. Ambulance must’ve pulled over, rear doors fanning open. Bet the driver didn’t even step out to help her. Just kept the engine running when they left Benny by the side of the road, all disoriented, shivering from the cold. No clothes, no shoes, no […]

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