Sunday Stories: “The House With the Plexiglas Frame”

The House With the Plexiglas Frame
by Martha Anne Toll

Lynette awoke to find her husband Jack sitting in a Plexiglas house in her brain.  He was as clear to her as the blinking red 7:01 on the face of her digital clock.  Just in case, she rolled over and checked again.  He was not on his back, lips open, snoring. Gone.  As if she needed evidence! Her head was throbbing, punctuated like snare drums rat-a-tat-tatting.

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Sunday Stories: “At the Ballet”

At the Ballet by Martha Anne Toll   1958 “We need her in white,” Mr. Yanakov said to the wardrobe mistress as he smoothed back his silver hair. “I’d like to see the exact line of her breasts. The skirt should cling to the ankle.” Katya Symanova stood in second position as her choreographer sculpted the length of her leg. “And the boy in black. Maybe with red trim. No…more red than black. Sputnik and the damn Soviets.” Tossing his […]

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