Sarah Gerard on “The Butter House” and the Challenges of Writing About Cats

Sarah Gerard

I’d been eager to read something new from Sarah Gerard ever since I finished their 2020 novel True Love. Imagine my happiness when, earlier this year, a package arrived at my apartment containing a new chapbook by Gerard, titled The Butter House. Have I mentioned that I’m a huge fan of single-story chapbooks? Short version: I am. And The Butter House, about a human couple living in Florida and the cats that surround them, is both an engaging read and part of what seems like a literary trend for 2023: humans imagining the lives of animals. I spoke with Gerard about the book’s origins and what sounds like a truly singular release party, among other topics.

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Books of the Month: April 2023 Edition

April 2023 book recommendations

Hi. We heard you liked books! We like books, too. We have some we’d like to recommend. All of them are newly out this month. We know, right? What a coincidence! Some new fiction from old friends, some experimental books by writers we’re meeting for the first time. It’s shaping up to be a banner year for books, and our April recommendations are keeping that theme going.

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